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Photo Journal: Around Oxford


I have deep roots with Oxford. I was born there, and although I’ve never actually lived in central Oxford, I do feel a strong sense of familiarity each time I return. My grandparents still live just outside the centre, and when I go back to visit my stays involve a walk around town and usually a trip to Balliol College, of which my grandfather and aunt are both alumni.

I’m not sure whether it’s the colour of the stone, the city’s hidden passageways, or all the photo opportunities for bikes leant up against walls, but something just draws me to Oxford and I feel enamoured with it whenever I’m there. I’ve recently added Oxford local food to that list of loves too; having just written a piece on the subject I’ve been lucky enough to eat at some of the most delicious and unique spots in the city. Oxford is the gift that keeps on giving.

When I was going around taking photos of Oxford, I kept finding myself looking up. I have a little obsession with the shapes created by roofs and chimneys anyway, but Oxford’s spires, turrets, and domes had me gazing at the sky more than usual. You’ll notice it as a running theme through these photos. On the few days I visited, the winter sun was slicing its way across Oxford’s colleges, courtyards, and main streets, creating sharp shadows that zigzagged through town.


Balliol College & Broad Street


oxford, balliol college, oxford photographs, oxford winter

The tops of Balliol College – look closely for the heart-shaped antenna

ballion college oxford, oxford photographs, oxford town centre, oxford photos

A couple walk past the dozens of bikes locked against railings outside Balliol College

oxford, oxford photos, photos of oxford, photos of balliol college

One side of Balliol College as looking at the from Broad Street

oxford, oxford photos, photos of balliol college, oxford broad street

A view down Broad Street, with Balliol College on the right in the sunshine

oxford photos, beautiful oxford, buildings in oxford

Plants creep along the buildings on Broad Street, dry and grey in winter


Lincoln College & Turl Street


oxford photos, lincoln college oxford, bikes in oxford

A bike leant up against Lincoln College – Turl Street

oxford photos, lincoln college oxford, photos of lincoln college

Looking through a door of Lincoln College from Turl Street into a secret courtyard beyond

sun in oxford, chasing light oxford, photos of oxford, lincoln college oxford

A courtyard in Lincoln College

Lincoln college oxford, sunny oxford, oxford colleges, photos of oxford colleges

Sun creeping down the walls of a courtyard in Lincoln College


High Street


oxford high street, photos of oxford, oxford pictures

The sun on Oxford’s High Street

oxford, oxford buildings, oxford architecture, photos of oxford

The ornate turrets of Oxford’s buildings

Oxford high street, oxford architecture, oxford pictures

I loved the colours in this photo – the pastels up again the deep blue sky

Oxford photos, pictures of oxford, oxford alleyways

A classic Oxford alleyway

oxford architecture, hidden oxford, oxford life, photos of oxford

Looking out onto High Street from one of Oxford’s alleyways


Christ Church


christ church oxford, oxford photos, pictures of oxford

One of two of the most beautiful trees in Oxford – both climb up the walls of Christ Church


Have you ever visited Oxford?
Do you see any of your favourite parts in these photos?

5 responses to “Photo Journal: Around Oxford”

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  2. Rasp says:

    I’ve never been to Oxford before, but it looks beautiful. I love the tree growing up the building in your last photo.

    • Gotta Keep Movin' says:

      Isn’t it amazing? There are actually two growing next to each other – this is just one. Definitely one of my favourites parts of Oxford.

  3. kami says:

    Such beautiful photos! I’ve been only to Cambridge and enjoyed it but then I heard Oxford is so much better – it definitely looks so here! Guess I need to give England another chance and see some more of it 🙂

    • Gotta Keep Movin' says:

      Thanks, Kami! Well I like both Oxford and Cambridge, but I have to be a little loyal to Oxford as I am from there 😉 Definitely think about giving England another chance – lots of stuff coming up on the website that should hopefully entice you to come here!

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