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Emma Higgins

Founder and Editor of GKM
Freelance Travel Writer


In 2010, I stepped on a plane to India. What followed was an eye-opening, poignant experience, an impactful glimpse into our planet and the millions of stories it tells each day. This, coupled with five years of adventure after that trip, cultivated in me an insatiable habit for both listening to and writing stories, and thus Gotta Keep Movin’ was born.




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Featured work


Monarch Airlines Passport inflight magazine

Portugal guide: Faro and around (Summer 2017, p. 26-30) – digital download


Wanderlust Magazine (website):

Visit my author page on the website for a full list.

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Rendezvous en France (Official French tourism board):

Modernity and Seaside Bliss in Normandy’s Le Havre

Normandy – Birthplace of Impressionism


Travel + Escape:

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Green Global Travel:

MOROCCO: A Journey into the Atlas Mountains of Morocco

CHILE: Trekking the Atacama Desert, the Driest Place On Earth

The Bolivian Salt Flats of Salar de Uyuni

Top 5 Eco Attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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SLOVENIA: Discovering Lake Bled, Slovenia (also picked up by NGTRadar)


Unique Honeymoons:

6 romantic things to do in Bath

5 romantic things to do in Phuket


International Expeditions:

Birds of Cuba: A Brief Birdwatcher’s Guide

Cubano Classics: Guide to Cuba’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites


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