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Introducing the Every-Day Explorer Podcast


Here at GKM, we’ve always been advocates for slow travel and adventuring on your own doorstep. We maintain a big focus on how to show people that the thrill of discovery is right there in front of them, no matter where they are the world or in life. We also take slow travel to even greater lengths, choosing to stay in and report from just one region of the world at a time for an entire year.

In 2015, we spanned the British Isles, a journey you can read about in our print journal, A Year in the UK & Ireland. Right now we’re in sunny Portugal, falling in love with its beautiful bays, exploring its rustic cities, and eating our body weight in egg tarts.

Since forming this set of brand beliefs, we’ve had endless conversations with other travellers and writers about the art of discovery on a daily basis. We’re inspired by people who know their hometowns like the backs of their hands, go on wild adventures on week nights, and master the art of the long weekend.

So we decided to start recording these conversations – and thus the Every-Day Explorer Podcast was born. We spent the months of February and March in 2016 hopping around the UK – and even briefly over to Istanbul – to nab our favourite explorers and have them teach us their ways.




The Every-Day Explorer Podcast is aimed at people who love to travel but, for whatever reason, can’t disappear on a long-term basis. Or perhaps you just don’t fancy it. Perhaps you have a great job, love living in your home country, and like being close to family and friends. But, perhaps you also wouldn’t mind some tips on new ways to explore around your current life.

This podcast is for you.


In this first series of this travel podcast, we approach all kind of subjects. We spoke to a keen adventurer who organises campfire and kayaks nights in London. We picked the brains of one of our favourite photographers to learn about how cameras can help you see the world in more detail. We were even dragged into the Thames on a brisk February morning to try wild swimming for the first time.

The Every-Day Explorer Podcast turns the standard definition of adventure on its head and blows it wide open. We set out to prove that travel can mean all kinds of things – that it can really mean whatever you want it to mean, in whatever setting you please. We believe that discovery is at the root of travel, and new discoveries can happen even on a grey Monday evening after a long day of work when there’s no money in your bank account.


To celebrate our podcast launch, we’ve released three episodes all at once:


Episode 1: Maximise Your Vacation Time with Daring Destinations, co-hosted by Katrinka Sasha of | LISTEN NOW
Episode 2: Surrender to the Drift – exploring spaces on foot, co-hosted by author and filmmaker John Rogers | LISTEN NOW
Episode 3: Why ‘Quit Your Job & Go’ is Terrible Travel Advice, co-hosted by Brenna Holeman of | LISTEN NOW


We’ll release new episode on Wednesday each week.

And psst! Look out for the blog posts we mention at the end of each set of episode notes – bags of further inspiration.

Alternatively, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes (and don’t forget to leave us a review!) 


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