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Days Out in Donegal: Visiting Glenevin Waterfall


The crisp breeze moved moisture through the air, covering my coat in a film of water without me even noticing. No one was on the trail with me – perhaps because of the grizzly weather or perhaps because it was November. The path wound along with a stream, criss-crossing over trickles of water that were flowing in the other direction.

Trees lined my route, nearly bare, with remnants of brown foliage clinging onto their edges. Green scrub covered the hills that rose up either side of me, saturated with the dense smell of countryside – soil and damp, and piles of dead leaves.


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I walked for 20 minutes before I could hear cascading water. I was visiting Glenevin Waterfall, which sits tucked between walls of rock on the peninsula of Inishowen in Donegal, and is one of the most dazzling attractions in the region. The peaceful walk from the car park down the manicured path makes a pleasant stop-off while you’re in the area of Clonmany, on the west side of Inishowen.


visiting glenevin waterfall, days out in donegal, things to do in inishowen


During off-season, you may find yourself wandering alone through the fairy tale scenery. The only other beings I passed during my hour or so spent here were half a dozen sheep ambling along the path. Once I reached the waterfall, another group of them were perched at odd angles on the steep ascent next to the falls, channelling their inner mountain goat.


glenevin waterfall, things to do in donegal


I passed by a couple of miniature falls during my walk up to the main waterfall, little dribbles of water sliding down the hillsides. Picnic tables were spread out at random points along the path, and I imagined families stopping here for a bite to eat in the magical surroundings. As the walk and waterfall are so enclosed, as you explore them it feels like you’re in your own little world; remote, untouched, other-worldly.


visiting glenevin waterfall, days out in inishowen, glenevin waterfall


How to get to Glenevin Waterfall


Visiting Glenevin Waterfall is easy – if you have a car. Situated in a rather remote area of Inishowen (which as a whole is remote), public transport isn’t as easy to catch as other parts of Donegal. For discovering Inishowen and reaching spots like Glenevin Waterfall, I highly recommend renting a car, as there are quite a few attractions that public transport just can’t get you to.

For refreshments or lodging, Glen House is a tea room and B&B next to the car park for Glenevin Waterfall.


glenevin waterfall, visiting glenevin waterfall, days out in donegal


Would you consider visiting Glenevin Waterfall?

3 responses to “Days Out in Donegal: Visiting Glenevin Waterfall”

  1. Hey Emma,
    I’ve just spent a little while looking through your posts. Love this one in particular as it makes me a little homesick. I’m from Derry just down the road and although I spent most of my adult life trying to find somewhere less cold and damp, I do love how your photos still manage to make me miss the place!

    • Gotta Keep Movin' says:

      Thanks for your lovely comment, Linda! Yes, the struggle with Ireland is that cold and damp are two commanding themes, but it’s also beautiful for that reason, I think! I love this spot, too. I was at Glenevin in autumn and it was deserted (and therefore even more magical!)

  2. LC says:

    It’s hard to pick it, but Donegal has got to be the prettiest corner of Ireland. I’m guessing you went to the Slieve League Cliffs too? Flipping stunning.

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