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County Wicklow Photos: Snapshots of The Garden of Ireland


I was told that County Wicklow is nicknamed ‘The Garden of Ireland’ on the day that I arrived, at the very beginning of my road trip through Ireland with Europcar. I ended spending three days in Wicklow, exploring this nickname and finding it justly deserved.

Green as far as the eye can see, pepperings of buttercup yellow gorse across the fields, pine trees sprouting up through the landscape, and hills – oh, the hills.


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I had no idea I would fall in love with Wicklow quite so hard, and fast. I knew it was going to be beautiful like the rest of Ireland, but admittedly my research prior to the trip was geared towards the west, so I went to Wicklow somewhat blind.

In hindsight, I’m grateful for that. The best surprises are the ones you least expect.

Most visitors who come to County Wicklow are on day trips from Dublin and take a bus straight to Glendalough, a UNESCO Monastic Site in the midst of two shimmering lakes. While Glendalough is undoubtedly beautiful, it seems a shame that only a handful of these visitors will take the time to see the rest of Wicklow. In my opinion, a mistake.

I was fortunate to be staying in a gypsy caravan right next to Wicklow Mountains National Park, and had locals on-hand to give me recommendations. They circled particularly stunning parts of the map for me, and I spent most of those few days driving across the landscape. I hiked parts of Wicklow, but I suggest you hire a car to explore as much of it as possible – there’s beauty around every corner.

These County Wicklow photos will give you a taste of what you can expect from the area that really puts the ’emerald’ in Emerald Isle.


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Have you ever visited this part of Ireland?
Which is your favourite of these County Wicklow photos?


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