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Berlin Accommodation: Hommage à Magritte


There is something to be said about the truly unique, especially in a city like Berlin.

Here, hotels knock against each other in a crowded space. Business owners struggle to stand out as different in one of the most popular city break spots in Europe.

That said, Hommage à Magritte proved to me that it’s not impossible.

A small, family-run collection of rooms, based in an apartment in West Berlin, Hommage à Magritte is beyond an orthodox hotel experience.

Way beyond.

Minimalist, elegant, and stylishly sprinkled with art inspired by their surrealist namesake, René Magritte, this treasure trove of sleek design is much more than a place to rest your head.


Hommage’s hallways




Situated in the middle of Berlin’s Charlottenburg neighbourhood, Hommage à Magritte’s location lends itself perfectly to exploring the city. The local area is alive with activity, as high quality restaurants stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the Berlin’s best shops to create a lively district that’s exciting to be in.

While Hommage isn’t immediately next to some of Berlin’s more famous or historical attractions, Berlin’s comprehensive metro system is just steps away from the hotel’s front door, giving you access to everything you would want to see.




I had a standard room at Hommage à Magritte, but nothing about it was standard. The art-driven décor runs throughout the hotel, and each room is made unique with a touch of its own artwork. Simple block colours of black and grey come alive with small details – patterned bedspreads and pillows, and murals on the wall. The rooms at Hommage are tasteful and modern, ideal for anyone who appreciates a good eye for clean design.

There are tiny touches that might not meet everyone’s standards, such as the shower heads being mounted at waist height, or a lack of space for toiletries or products in some of the rooms. That said, if you’d like a little more space in your bathroom or have needs elsewhere, simply ask upon booking – Roman and Aurelia, the owners, will be happy to accommodate your requests.




Oh, and let’s not forget the answer to that burning question – high-speed wifi is available (and free) throughout the hotel.

I stayed in a standard room but other options are available, such as Hommage’s beautiful suites, some of which have private balconies. I took a peek into one or two other rooms during my time at Hommage, and can confidently say that any kind of guest would be able to find something to suit them here.








Like any long-term traveller, I can appreciate a good breakfast buffet. On my first morning at Hommage à Magritte, I went into the dining area and was met with the sight of meats and cheeses laid out in rows, various cereals in jars, pastries stuffed in baskets, bowls of chopped fruits, the smell of coffee in the air and a collection of various flavours of tea neatly organised in their own box. In other words, breakfast buffet perfection.







In high season, a standard room will cost you €99 per night, and a premium suite €119 per night. Comparing these prices to the level of service and facilities you get in return, I feel like Hommage à Magritte is fairly priced and good value for money. Its quiet, well thought-out, intimate setting lends itself well to people with a little more money to burn, or those on a short break or weekend getaway in Berlin.




As a clear reflection on the offbeat nature of their establishment, Roman and Aurelia are exceptionally good at giving recommendations that you won’t find in the guidebooks – something I value exceptionally highly in a hotel. Upon first chatting to Roman as he checked me in (over a cup of tea – I was won over from this point onwards) he swiftly picked up on the fact that I was looking for some different things to do or see in Berlin, without me even telling him. His first tips were three good cafés in the area and a great spot for Vietnamese. In response, I thought to myself, ‘Damn, this guy is good.’

I can recommend Hommage à Magritte for the curious, artistic traveller, seeking something different from their experience in Berlin. Couples in their late twenties or above would also enjoy their stay here, and more or less anyone looking for some peace. If you need more out of a hotel, and want more from your trip, these expectations will surely be met at Hommage à Magritte.




Have you ever stayed anywhere like Hommage à Magritte? Where was it, and what was your experience like?


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  1. Phoebe says:

    Wow! You had me on “Breakfast Buffet”! I didn’t know this place existed and I’ve been here for 4 months now?! I will definitely put my friends up here the next time they come! Great photos and I loved the article. Thanks for sharing this hidden gem!

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