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8 Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Travel Companion


Finding the perfect travel companion is like finding the holy grail, but when you discover the travel buddy of your dreams you wonder how you ever wandered the world without them. Here are eight signs you’ve landed on a winner.


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1. You’re on the same sleep schedule


It’s hard going travelling with a morning person when you’re a night owl, and vice versa. Your perfect travel companion will be on the same sleep cycle as you; you both rise with the birds singing or party the night away until dawn. If you’re really in-sync, you even have the same afternoon nap time, so that you can spend every waking minute together.


2. You’re comfortable in silence


If you’re travelling with someone for a long stretch of time, it’s unlikely that you’ll be talking to one another all day, every day. You know you’ve found the perfect travel companion because you’re content with sitting in silence – the kind that’s natural instead of awkward. You both love staring out the window on long train journeys, quite happy not uttering a single word to one another.


3. You respect each other’s interests


You understand that you might be interested in seeing different things, and that’s cool. You don’t expect your travel buddy to want to do everything you do, or go and see all the same sights. You’re both flexible on what route to take, and you make time for whatever things your partner is desperate to see. You both understand that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you both, and you’re eager to make it the best trip ever for each other.


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4. You have the same taste in food


You love tacos, she loves tacos. You love sushi, he loves sushi. Having no need to deliberate over dining options is one of the biggest blessings you can receive in the perfect travel companion. It’s especially rewarding when you’re both passionate about food and eat anything – you roam the planet together and devour everything in your path.


5. You’re happy to compromise


Compromise is an essential ingredient for successful travel with another person, but because you and your comrade are perfectly open to compromise, it’s a total breeze. You’re willing to listen to one another and hear each other out, and you know that one time or another you have to back down let the other person have their way (and you trust that the favour will later be returned).


6. You can agree to disagree


You will have disagreements when travelling at some point – fact. You recognise that these spats are natural for two people spending this much time together, and know that it’s best to just let things slide. No argument is worth clinging on to when you’re super-close friends like you guys, so you know that agreeing to disagree is often the best way out of a tiff. You often move on by just calling it quits and going for a beer.


perfect travel companion, travel partner, travel advice


7. You can laugh through anything


Travel is full of embarrassing moments. Mistranslations, miscommunications, and (in certain destinations) severe bouts of food poisoning and subsequent toilet incidents. Luckily you and your perfect travel companion are light-heart and can laugh and just about any situations, no matter how cringe-worthy. You take everything as it comes and have each other’s backs when one of you makes a faux pas.


8. You’re both keen as mustard


No one wants to travel with someone who’s not as excited as them, but for you guys that’s no problem. You’re both ready and raring to go, and willing to fight through even the most savage of beer pong hangovers to get out there and see something each day. You both love making new friends and having new experiences, and you’re both wow-ed by the beautiful world and the incredible people in it.


 Have you found your perfect travel companion?


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