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From backpacker to jetsetter: 4 easy ways to upgrade your travels

January 31st 2017


Are you getting to the stage in your travel life where you’re outgrowing hostel dorm rooms? Do you want to eat out in restaurants instead of scrape by on supermarket food? Will you scream if you have to endure another budget bus ride?

There comes a point on most people’s travels where they want a little more comfort than before. These tips on how to upgrade your travels show you how you don’t need to spend a lot more money to find that little bit of extra space and, in some cases, a touch of luxury.


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1. Choose alternative accommodation

With the rise of AirBnB and local accommodation, it’s now not always the case that hostels provide the best value for money. Our first port of call for finding a place to stay is always AirBnB, because you never know where you might find a real gem that doesn’t break the bank. Some rooms can cost just a fraction more than a dorm room in a hostel, and have the added benefit of privacy.

Alternatively, search for hostels that have private rooms as these might be very affordable too. This isn’t usually the case if you’re travelling alone, but if you’re in a couple of small group private hostel rooms are often cost effective.


2. Keep your eyes peeled for lunch deals

Okay, we get that you might not be in the backpacker frame of mind anymore but we know you’re not a millionaire either. Even though you might still need to watch your budget, that’s not to say you can’t eat out in nice restaurants. One of the best ways to experience fine dining on a budget is to look out for the restaurants that offer lunch deals.

Many of these places want to attract more customers in the quieter midday hours, so might offer two or three courses for a reduced price. It’s common practice all over Europe and one of the best ways to channel your inner foodie without having to spend a fortune.


3. Go first class on trains

Bumping up to first class on a train is a nice way to treat yourself while you’re travelling, and in some places the prices difference between this and other classes is marginal. It’s not the case everywhere, of course (certainly not in the UK), but here in Portugal, for example, you can go first class sometimes for just a few euros extra. This means wider seats and more leg room, offering a more comfortable journey – a godsend if you’re travelling for hours at a time.


upgrade your travels, travel upgrades


4. Switch a backpack for a suitcase

There’s a bit of an odd myth going around that ‘real’ travellers carry backpacks, but we’re here to kick that bizarre sentiment to the curb. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using a suitcase instead of a backpack, and when we switched over we wondered why on earth we’d been lugging around 20kg on our backs when we could have used the blessings of gravity to help us out.

It’s a personal preference, but a simple way to feel less like a vagabond and more like an international jetsetter. To feel even more swish, get some fancy suitcases in beautiful patterns or colours, and strut through the airport like you own it.


What do you do to upgrade your travels?
Have you come to this point in your travel journey yet?



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