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Photo Journal: 21 Film Photos of Bath, UK


There was something gleefully childlike about taking photos of Bath with a film camera – like I was 11 again and my parents had given me a disposable camera on our family holiday so I could learn to express myself. Every shot was experimental: as I squinted through the viewfinder I took over twice as long as usual to take a photo, paying extra attention to the frame, angle, light. I saved my 36 exposures for extra-special scenes, but I was equal parts cautious and devil-may-care – eager to save the shots, but playful in my selection and exhilarated by the throwback it gave me to my early teenage years.


bath birds, photos of bath, bath city uk, travel to bath uk

Birds flying over Bath


I bought a Pentax film camera for £5 from a charity shop about a month ago, ordered some film (I had to get my mother to teach me how put it in – embarrassingly millennial), and took it to Bath for its first outing. I had no idea if this camera actually worked, but whurr of the mechanics at appropriate moments reassured me.

The last time I had used film was when I was around 14, when I used to buy disposable cameras and take pictures of me and my friends. Getting the film developed and seeing the photos for the first time was always my favourite part – there I was, with pink-tinted sunglasses and a fringe that was always cut just half a centimetre too short. I used to excitedly flick through the photos before I’d even got out of the store where they’d been developed, and I did exactly the same thing last week when these Bath photos were ready for pick-up.

At first, I sighed with relief as the photos confirmed the camera did in fact work, then on closer inspection I realised that it worked well. I liked the way my Pentax had captured the natural light – none of these photos are filtered – and given my pictures a nostalgic vibe, made especially beautiful by Bath itself, with its heritage feel: tearooms, terraced houses, and the tone of its stone.


bath, royal crescent bath. bath architecture, bath photography

The chimney tops and curve of Royal Crescent


bath architecture, bath city uk, photos of bath, film photography

Ornate metalwork in the sky 


pulteney bridge, bath architecture, bath photos, bath travel

The inner shop fronts of Pulteney Bridge


bath photos, film photography UK, bath travel

Window box flowers on a Georgian building


bath photography, pump rooms bath, bath heritage

Bath Pump Rooms


Bath view, bath photography, bath city UK

A view over Bath from just south of the city


bath architecture, bath photography, bath city uk, travel to bath

A mix of different styles of architecture (and a beautiful reflection)


bath architecture, bath photography, film photography UK

More chimney tops in Bath city centre


view over bath, bath city centre, bath city uk, travel to bath

View over Bath from Alexandra Park


bath architecture, bath city, photos of bath

Classic Bath architecture


Bath architecture, bath city uk, bath photography

Looking down a Bath street, and into The Circus


film photography, travel photography, bath uk, bath travel

Fairy lights hung along one of Bath’s narrow alleyways


bath bridge, film photography, travel to bath

Bridge over the River Avon


laura place bath, great pulteney street, bath architecture, film photography uk

Laura Place, leading into Great Pulteney Street


the corridor bath, bath architecture, bath heritage, film photography UK

The Corridor, one of the oldest covered shopping areas in the world


bath architecture, bath heritage, film photography uk

Old signage on Abbey Street


royal crescent bath, bath city, bath photography

Royal Crescent being patrolled by police and their horses


pulteney bridge bath, bath architecture, bath tourism, film photography UK

Shops along Pulteney Bridge


assembly rooms bath, bath ballroom, bath heritage, bath architecture

The ballroom at Bath Assembly Rooms


bath architecture, bath city uk, film photography UK

I’m pretty sure I took this one through a bus window on the way home.

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Royal Crescent - 21 Film Photos of Bath, UKLooking into The Circus - 21 Film Photos of Bath, UK



Have you ever played around with film photography?
If you have any tips I’d love to read them in the comments below!



6 responses to “Photo Journal: 21 Film Photos of Bath, UK”

  1. These are lovely! Loving the retro red Volvo on Laura Square. I started with a Pentax camera and wonder what things would look like if I picked it back up now!

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  3. Dan Lester says:

    I first shot on film in 1947 at 4 years old. Since then have shot all formats from Minox to Graflex 4×5. My father was a pro. I’ve shot digital since 1999. Still have a good film camera but don’t use it.

    • Gotta Keep Movin' says:

      Very interesting indeed, Dan. Love that you’ve been taking pictures since you were 4 – how incredible. Thanks for taking a look at my gallery!

  4. Anna says:

    funnily enough the last time I played with film was 6 years ago in Bath (around these dates also)!! My first digital camera decided to die down on me there and then, so I got a disposable one! Took some lovely (albeit dark) photos. The best capture from that camera though was in Oxford Circus, London where I shot one of the classic red double decker buses. My then boyfriend was so amazed by the photo that he made a large print of it and used it as a poster!

    • Gotta Keep Movin' says:

      Thank you for sharing your film photography story with me, Anna! Love it that it was in Bath too 😉 How funny! I would love to see that double decker bus shot…

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